What is it electric fence energizer (also called an electric fence charger)? It is the heart and brains of your electric fence system.  
Electric Fence Energizer Wizard 4

The Functionality of the Electric Fence Energizer

The energizer creates a high energy pulse every second. It then sends this pulse along the live wires of the electric fence. At the same time it monitors for attempted break-in conditions. These could be when, for example:
  • someone cuts the wires; or
  • someone tries to climb over the fence and the live and earth wires touch
The energizer  has a backup battery for when the mains power is down. This ensures that you fence is active and working at all times. Please note that the battery needs to be checked regularly. You will see a service indication light on the energizer unit. This lets you know what the status of the battery is and when it needs to be replaced. Energizes also provide alarm functionality that can be connected to your alarm system. The energizer can then notify your security company when there is a break-in attempt. It is also possible to connect either a siren, buzzer or a strobe light to the alarm functionality.

Choosing an Electric Fence Charger

The following items need to be considered.  
  1. The type and length of wire. For example, stainless steel wire has a much higher impedance. For longer fences it will require a larger energizer.
  2. The size of the fence in terms of number of zones that you would like to be able to control. This usually applies for larger fences.
  3. How you would like to activate and deactivate the energizer. Perhaps a tag is sufficient or a remote; maybe a keypad is more suitable.
  For most residential fences we recommend the Nemtek Wizard 4 or Merlin 4 electric fence energizer for new fence installations. The Merlin 4 includes a keypad that can be installed in a convenient location such as next to the alarm keypad in the house.
Electric Fence Charger Merlin 4
  Sometimes electric fence energizers are installed indoors and other times they are installed outdoors. Please note that for outdoor purposes you will need to have the energizer installed in an appropriate weather proof enclosure. The charger for your electric fence should be tested regularly as well as every time any repairs are done on the fence.