What are electric fence warning signs? These are those little yellow rectangular plastic signs that you see on many electric fences when you drive by a property. They are there to indicate that the fence is an electric fence and that people and animals can get hurt by touching it.
Electric Fence Warning Signs
If an electric fence does not have warning signs on it, it is not compliant. Did you know that electric fence warning signs are required by law?

Electric Fence Warning Signs – Specifications

Let’s look at the basic requirements that the law states for a warning sign:
  • The size of the warning sign. At a minimum they need to be 100mm X 200mm.
  • Their background colour must be yellow and all writing must be in black.
  • The size of the writing must be at least 25mm.
  • The signs need to be identical on both sides.

Electric Fence Warning Signs – Placement

You need to attach the warning signs securely to the electric fence post or on the wire. Most suppliers have warning signs that clip onto the wires for easy attachment.
Electric Fence Warning Signs Nemtek
It is best to clip the signs onto the wires close to post so that they don’t easily blow off in the wind. You have to have electric fence warning signs where the fence is alongside a public road or public pathway so that people are aware that there is potential danger. By law, when placing the warning signs, you have to follow these guidelines:
  • There must be a warning sign at each gate
  • Also at each access point
  • Along the fence, the warning signs must not have a spacing of more than 10 metres between signs.
  • Check if there are any emergency services or chemical hazard signs nearby. If so, you also need to place electric fence warning signs next to those signs.
Every time an electric fence is installed or repaired, you must check that warning signs have been placed on the fence according to the rules of the law.