We specialise in electric fence repairs. Security electric fencing is one of the most important safety factors in protecting your family against intruders. If you do not have one, it is important that you consider an electric fence installation.   The most common problems with an electric fence system include:
Electric Fence Repairs
  • Poor Grounding
  • Bad connections
  • Energy Leaks
  • Undersized electric fence charger/energizer
  • Lightening damage to the energizer
  • Cases where people are shocked by gates or wires which are near the fence but don’t touch it. They are not part of the electric fence system.
  • Problems with solar panels in a solar electric fence
  • Stapling problems
  • Broken wires
  • Corrosion
  • Vegetation growth
  • Poor insulation
  • Not enough warning signs
  You must choose a reputable electric fence installer because all electric fences must be installed, operated and maintained according to the Electric Fence laws.  

Electric Fence Repairs: Poor Grounding

Electric Fence System
  Part of the electric fence system runs through the ground. This is called the ground system. Electric fence repairs often involve improvements in the grounding system. Because of this, the grounding system is usually checked first when inspecting an electric fence. The main causes of ineffective electric fence grounding are:
  • Not enough ground rods.
  • Wires that have been connected badly.
  • Wires of different types of metal that have been connected.
  • Poor connections to the ground rods.
  • Grounding rods that need to be spaced further apart.
  • Grounding rods that are too short.
  • A grounding system that is too shallow. Part of the ground rod must always be in damp soil.

Electric Fence Repairs: Problems with the Energizer

Merlin M28 Fence Energizer Nemtek
Electric fence energizers, or chargers, come in a number of sizes. If your energizer is not big enough for your electric fence system, it will not work properly. It is important to have the correct sized energizer for your fence requirements.   Lightning is often the cause of energizer failure. If lightning strikes the fence, there can be a sudden power surge. This surge travels down the electric fence wire and consequently damages the energizer.   Should I repair or replace my energizer? It is usually not worth repairing electric fence energizers. This is because the cost often ends up being nearly the same as a new one. Replacement rather than repair is also normally recommended by the manufacturers. See how to test an electric fence energizer  

Electric Fence Repairs: Poor Connections

Electric Fence Repairs Connections
Electric Fence Crimps
Another issue that is often picked up in electric fencing repairs is that of poor connections. Connections can fail for various reasons including:
  • Incorrectly or loosely crimped crimp sleeves
  • Poor connection of hand knots,
  • Corrosion or rusty wires etc.
Since the flow of electricity through the fence requires proper connections, these must be checked thoroughly.
Electric Fence Repairs Vegetation

Electric Fence Repairs: Energy leaks

An energy leak is a small loss of energy from the electric fence. It can occur because of a number of reasons. These include: debris, heavy vegetation, broken wires, poor insulators, interference of neutral wires etc.. One must regularly check vegetation that is growing alongside the electric fence. Clear any overgrowth so as to prevent interference with the fence’s functioning. Ensure you check the electric fence for debris, branches etc. since these could weigh down the fence line and affect it’s functionality.  

Electric Fencing: Wire tension

The tension of the wire in an electric fence is not the same as that of a normal fence. Hence, the wire tension must always be checked.
Electric Fence Repairs

Electric Fence Repairs: Shocks from metal not forming part of the electric fence

This is when, for example, you touch a gate which is not connected to the electric fence but then you get a shock. Energy is transferred from an electrified wire to a non-electrified metal object (e.g. wire or gate) even though the two they are not touching. The solution is to ground the non-electrified metal object.

Electric Fence Repairs: Cutout switches

Cutout switches are an important part of an electric fence when trouble shooting for faults.
  • These switches enable you to isolate certain sections of the fence. As a result it is quicker and easier to find faults.
  • Individual parts of the fence can be isolated to do repairs. Therefore there is no need to turn the entire system off.
  • A section of fence line anywhere can be isolated without having to go back to the energizer. This is especially useful when the fence is very long.

Electric Fence Checks

Common faults that that need to be checked during electric fence repair work:
  • Is the energizer turned on?
  • Is the earth wire in working order?
  • Are all the cutout switches active?
  • Is the leadout wire broken?
  • Is the leadout wire connected to the fenceline and the energizer?
  • Are there any broken or faulty insulators?
  • Is there a dead short on the fenceline?
  • Is the earth wire connected to the earth rods and energizer?
  • Are the brackets secure?
  • There can be more than one problem

Electric Fence Maintenance

There are a few checks that you can perform regularly and therefore keep your electric fence in good working order. In addition, you can reduce the frequency and cost of repairs.
  • If any foliage touches the electric fence wires it can cause a short circuit and therefore make the fence less effective. Therefore it is important to always remove or cut back any branches and plants.
  • Check inside the electric fencing insulators and remove any debris such as insects since these could ground the wire.
  • Listen for a click-click sound because this indicates where short circuits are.
  • Check the insulators for perishing or damage because this can cause a short circuit.
  • Use normal home detergent to clean the electric fence posts and insulators. Not only does this deter insects but it also assists with maintaining your fence. (Ensure you have turned off your electric fence first.)
  • Check the electric fence wires for corrosion, breaks or other damage.
  • The fence wires need to be properly tensioned. If you have wires that are earthing, your electric fence battery will run down more quickly.
  • Check connections.
  • If your electric fencing goes right to the ground level, cut grass and remove weeds so as to prevent interference.
  • Check the charger for spider webs.
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