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Electric Fence Repairs Randpark Ridge in Randburg

We recently had a client in Dale Lace avenue, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, that contacted He had sold his property and needed the electric fence to be repaired. He also required a certificate of compliance (COC) for the electric fence. (A COC for the electric fence must be presented each time a house / building is sold in order  to complete the transfer of the property.)
electric fence repairs randpark ridge randburg
We dispatched one of our electric fence teams to assess the fence and repairs.

Electric Fence Randpark Ridge Assessment

When we inspect an electric fence we look at three things:
  1. Is the electric fence energizer working properly?
  2. Is the fence working properly?
  3. Does the fence comply with electric fence laws?
  During the inspection our team found the following:
  • The fence energizer was broken and needed to be replaced. In most cases it is more cost effective to replace rather than repair an electric fence energizer.
  • There were no earth spikes between the energizer and the fence and also no earth spikes at 30 meter intervals along the fence. This is a problem because earth spikes are needed to complete the electric circuit of the fence. Without earth spikes placed at regular intervals the fence cannot operate properly.
  • The HT cable between the energizer and the fence needed replacing in order to accommodate the earth spikes.
  • The HT Cable was not housed inside conduit. Cables must be in a conduit so that they do not get damaged.
  • There were no warning signs on the fence. These are required by electric fence laws in order to prevent people from accidentally being shocked by the fence.
  • There was no lightning protection unit on the fence by the energizer. This is required by law.
  After inspecting and assessing the client’s fence we followed our usual procedure :
  • We quoted the client on the work required.
  • The client accepted the quote.
  • The client paid his deposit
  • We scheduled the work, purchased any necessary items and completed the repairs and compliance requirements.
  • We arranged the certificate of compliance and emailed and delivered it to the client.