Month: September 2017

Electric Fence Repairs Northcliff in Johannesburg – Acacia Road

Our latest electric fence repairs Northcliff in Johannesburg were in Acacia Road. This was one of our jobs which involved repairing an older electric fence that was falling apart and needed some urgent attention. Our client, Shirley, requested a quote on rewiring a 24 metre section of old electric fencing. We went and did a site inspection and found that her energiser and electric fence brackets were still in good working condition; so no work was required there. If a new energizer had been necessary this would have increased the cost significantly.
Electric Fence Repairs Northcliff

Electric Fence Repairs Weltevreden Park – Acacia Road

The quote included the following:
  • Rewire a total length of 138 meters. Remember that the electric fence can have 5 or more strands of wire that run the length of the fence. In this case we used aluminium wire – but there other options for the type of electric fence wire.
  • 6 new spring hooks and tensioners.
  • A couple of extra warning signs. Remember there are electric fence regulations governing the spacing, placing and design of electric fencing warning signs.
  • A handful of aluminium ferrules.
  • For the rewiring and fixing of this fence we estimated between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete the work.
Once Shirley accepted the quote we scheduled and completed the work and had a happy client. Don’t leave your electric fencing to degrade; ensure you are always safe and that your fence is kept in good condition with regular maintenance. Frequent checks will also mean that, when repairs are necessary, the costs won’t be exorbitant.   44

How to Change Your Electric Fence Energizer Battery

  Transcript of video: We’re looking at the electric fencing energizer again and how to change the battery when necessary. In this video we are using the Nemtek Wizerd 4 electric fence energizer. This little service light is usually off. However, when it is flashing with all of the other lights, it’s indicating that there is a problem with the battery. Then you need to check the battery and probably replace it with a new one.
How to change your electric fence energizer battery

How to change your electric fence energizer battery

  It’s quite simple, firstly we are going to open the box. You need to unscrew the cover to take it off. You will see the battery sitting in it’s special enclosure. To remove the battery, we need to take this little cover off. Take the battery out and then disconnect the leads attached to the battery. All you do is simply pull the battery leads off. Then you can take the discard the old battery. Now, take the new battery and connect the battery leads again. Connect them correctly i.e. red to red (positive) and black to black (negative). Once that is done, you can put the battery back into it’s enclosure – it should slide in easily. Screw the battery cover back on. Please note that the two knobs on the cover need to face upwards. If it’s the other way around, you won’t be able to get the cover back on. So, we screw the battery cover back on and then the cover of the electric fence energizer. Now that we have put the cover back on, we are going to switch the energizer on again. You will see there is no service indicator light on. (Its not plugged into the mains at the moments; that’s why the power light is flashing.) The energizer is functioning well and the battery health is good.   View other electric fence videos Find out more about electric fencing repairs